Play With Art – Playdough Garden



Saturday 4th, 6pm to

Sunday 5th, 6pm

PRICE: FREE sessions & $45 “Sip & Sculpt”
DATE & TIME: Saturday 5th, 6pm to Sunday 5th, 6pm

Indulge in the joys of childhood once again with our delightful Playdough Garden. A beloved pastime for all ages, our garden offers visitors the opportunity to play and create with our specially crafted playdough, with the guidance of our experienced team.

As you mould, shape and bring your imagination to life, our garden is set up for you to showcase your marvellous creations and capture memories with cool pictures.

Don’t miss this exciting chance to relive the magic of playdough, The event is open to the public and FREE from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday, 4th and from 2am to 6pm on Sunday, 5th. Come and join us for a moment of creativity and fun. And for an added surprise, our playdough also glows in the dark.

Our exclusive ‘Sip & Sculpt’ experience, with sessions from 10pm to 2am, offers an added element of enjoyment as participants can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine while creating their masterpieces. Tickets are $45 per person.



Playdough Garden, Sip and Sculpt


OPEN TICKET, 10pm to 10:50pm, 11pm to 11:50pm, 12am to 12:50am, 1am to 1:50am

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